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30 Nov 2020

Blog Post

5 Unusual Rice Dumplings That Will Give You A Special Filling

5 Unusual Rice Dumplings That Will Give You A Special Filling 

Rice dumplings are historically eaten to have a good time the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

With the competition coming up on 18 June this year, you have much less than two weeks to indulge in the delicious dumplings that come in one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes, as properly as exclusive fillings. While the basic rice dumplings — normally stuffed with pork, Chinese sausage and mushrooms — are continually a staple in the celebrations, right here are some unusual rice dumplings to carry a splash of novelty into the tradition.

  1. Spiced Beef Cheek Dumpling

A choice to pork fillings, Michelin-starred Osia Steak and Seafood Grill’s Spiced Beef Cheek Dumpling is a pleasure for meat lovers. It comes with Australian grass-fed red meat cheeks that are slow-braised in a house-made five-spice concoction, blended collectively with fragrant greens and herbs that add to the average flavour of the dumpling.

  1. Unagi Dumpling

Who says rice dumplings have to be Chinese? Syun’s Unagi Dumpling offers a Japanese interpretation of Chinese rice dumplings, which boasts twice the richness and umami with Japanese mochi-gome, or sticky rice, complete with Japanese eel and shiitake mushrooms. This dumpling is flavoured with teriyaki sauce and sansho pepper, growing a unique dumpling experience.

  1. Mala Dumpling

Good information for spice fans — Crystal Jade is supplying a Mala rice dumpling. As section of the raging warm Mala meals fashion in Singapore, the dumpling is stuffed with succulent pork shoulder and Spanish pork collar portions marinated in a proprietary Mala blend. This combo consists of Sichuan peppercorns, a combined of dried chillies and chilli oil that add a spicy kick to this rice dumpling, which is sprinkled with chestnuts, salted egg yolk and mung beans.

  1. Smoked BBQ Char Siew Dumpling

A new spotlight of Man Fu Yuan, this dumpling features luscious slices of its signature barbecued Kagoshima pork belly char siew. These char siew pieces are first marinated with rose wine, before being barbecued cautiously to end result in a perfectly caramelised char. Finally, it is accomplished by using smoking over tea leaves and wood chips. These char siew portions add a barbecue component to the typical dumpling.

  1. Green Tea Lotus Paste Rice Dumpling

We usually hear of dumplings with purple bean paste, but what about inexperienced tea lotus paste? A deviation from tradition, this special rice dumpling from Golden Peony is made with glutinous rice and green tea lotus paste. Those with sweet teeth and matcha fans will simply enjoy the sparkling twist of flavours.

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