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05 Dec 2020

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Bigg Boss Hindi – Shehzad to don the “Gayab” Invisible uniform inside the house.

Bigg Boss Hindi – Shehzad to don the “Gayab” Invisible uniform inside the house. 

BB14 Episode 19 “Somvaar ka waar” started by host Salman Khan carry forwarding the Sunday “Weekend ka Vaar” episode. In the Sunday episode, host Salman Khan revealed that Abhinav Shukla, Jaan Kumar Sanu and Shehzad Deol were the bottom three contestants. In the latest episode, the contestants were seen in a stressful event as it was told by host Salman that they would be choosing they think the most undeserving from the three of them for eviction.

Upon the vote, it was interestingly to be seen that both Abhinav and Jaan got 4 votes each, however, Shehzad received two votes.

The final decision was left to the three seniors, Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan and Siddharth Shukla. Both Gauhar and Hina took Shehzad’s name. Siddharth who believed that all the three were worthy of being in the bottom three finally took Shehzad’s name.

Host Salma Khan, finally reveals the twist of the episode which meant that Shehzad is NOT EVICTED. However, he has been given the ‘Gayab” Title and to don a “ Gayab” uniform. This only means that until the next “Aadesh” of BB Shehzad will not be involved in any active decision or discussion of the house, he will only be performing his duties. With this Salman clearly said that just as Nikki Tamboli is a confirmed member of the house, Shehzad is an Unconfirmed member.

The latter portion of the Show showed Salman giving an assignment to the Seniors to choose who among the freshers would fight to survive the show.

In another portion of the show, Salman Khan gave an assignment to the seniors. They were approached to pick who among the freshers that they would need to find in the show. The seniors selected the actress between Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan. They had to pick between Pavitra Punia and Jasmin Bhasi. The latter was selected. Jaan Kumar Sanu was preferred over Nishant Singh Malkani by Hina, Gauahar and Siddharth. Hina and Siddharth immediately took the name of Abhinav when the trio was asked to choose between Abhinav Shukla and Rahul Vaidya. The somewhat puzzled Gauhar committed to the decision and settled on Abhinav later.

Later on, Salman Khan asked the housemates to conclude which group of the senior they want to be part of, which will form the journey. Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia formed Siddhart’s team. Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu were Gauahar Khan’s teammates. Nishant Singh, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin were part of Hina Khan’s party.

When the task starts, it is seen that Siddharth Shukla and his team would go to any heights to win the task, which irked both Hina and Gauhar leading to a heated argument among the trio. BB finally intervenes when all the three seniors were called to the Confession room, where it was seen Gauhar expressing her disappointment towards Siddharth and asking BB to take a call. The show ends with Siddharth yelling at Gauhar.

Stay tuned to know the latest episode. Find out what BB has to say about the disagreement among the trio.

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