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30 Nov 2020

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Audi Review: Q3

Audi Review: Q3 

The Audi Q3 is a spacious and stylish household SUV with an awesome indoors and lots of hi-tech features. It’s an alternative to the BMW X1 and Volvo XC40 and sits between the Q2 and Q5 in the huge range of SUVs available in Audi’s line-up.

That line-up can be a bit like watching Eastenders and making an attempt to decide which Mitchell brother is on the screen – they do appear very similar. That’s excellent in some cases and awful in others, depending on the fee they’re charging. The Q3 is, thankfully, in the candy spot.

The Audi Q3’s grille looks like a smaller version of the Q8’s, for example, whilst the exterior diagram is comparable to the Q5’s, however smaller. This sort of Russian-doll styling is common in a lot of auto manufacturers, so we can’t preserve to tons of a grudge.

All Audi Q3s get a set of digital dials with sat-nav functionality and more, which is awesome to see – and the trendy infotainment display is sharp and convenient to use. The Q3 ratings highly for tech, as it feels like a greater steeply-priced mannequin in that regard.

It’s a comparable story when it comes to upholstery and interior materials, as the Q3 is well-built, looks smart and has some customisation options which include an Alcantara trim that appears and feels great.
It has a generally high-up SUV driving function with lots of adjustment, which ability you can get blissful pretty easily. Plus there’s loads of room in the front seats and no headroom troubles at all.

Plus, in the rear seats, the Q3 has more room than you’ll discover in many other cars of this size, and you can slide the rear seats forwards and backwards to prioritise either passenger legroom or boot space.
Impressively, even with the lower back seats in their most rearward position, there’s more area in the boot than you get in a BMW X1. With them set forward, the boot is surely big and practical. Fold the lower back seats down and there’s without difficulty ample room to lift a bicycle.

There are a few engines to pick out from, starting with a 150hp petrol engine in the 35 TFSI mannequin going right up to a 233hp petrol in the forty-five TFSI, with 150hp and 190hp diesel in the combine as well. The entry factor makes the most feel for most people as it’s a higher cost for money.

A seven-speed computerized is available, but as it’s a bit sluggish to reply when you put your foot down, the guide mannequin is surely fine. Some models have four-wheel power (Audi calls it Quattro) for more grip, but it’s no longer critical and adds to the cost.

Though the Audi Q3 is at ease and composed, it’s greater appropriate to motorways than US roads. It has a barely stiff side to the experience in variations with larger wheels and stiffer sports activities suspension, but at higher speeds, it’s clean enough.

Light steerage ability it’s easy to drive, but it’s now not in particular enjoyable – a BMW X1 or Mini Countryman is a better preference for these who love driving. You get plenty of energetic safety kit as standard, but you’ll have to pay more for adaptive cruise control.

The Audi Q3 is an outstanding all-around household SUV, with strengths in the key areas buyers of these automobiles want. It’s spacious and has a great indoors with loads of tech included, even if it’s on the expensive side. Still, you ought to be in a position to locate a true deal with the aid of heading over to our offers page.

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